Take small steps....

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Rome wasn't built in a day; neither were the pyramids, Maccu Piccu, or your marketing effort. There is never a reason to rush into things. Making quick decisions can sometimes pay off, or often times lead to costly lessons.

I would suggest taking the time to consult with a marketing professional before rushing off into tackling your own small business marketing needs.

Here are the first things I would think of if you are in a start-up situation:

1. Who are you? What do you want people to think about you? What perceptions do you wish to create? What is you mission or goals?

2. "Make a name for yourself!" Everything is in a name. You'll be saying it constantly and putting it everywhere. It should be something you are comfortable with. Run it by your friends and see what their impressions are and what comes to their mind when you say the name. This will give you some room to think and move.

3. Get the domains. The most used domains are your company's name. Another domain to look at is one that uses a tag line. You can have the best name in the world and if people try to find you online and can't, you may miss out one some business.

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